GreenQuest LLC 

 Who We Are

The Green Quest LLC is a 'grass roots' family organization founded to promote, and fund 'eco green' research. We are certainly not a super wealthy organization and we don't get government grants or funding of any kind, but we have experience and endless passion. 

We began as just a family who believed in certain sustainable concepts, then began putting all our extra income and savings into researching and developing these technologies. This first began in the early 1960's, then expanded by the next generation in 1972, and continues to grow with each generation. The organization now evolved into a few other professionals.

Our key interest in the beginning was developing small scale geothermal energy, then in 1972 began to focus on 'low grade geothermal energy' especially for use in greenhouses, cold rooms, live stock, and mushroom farms.

As our Eco organization grew, so did our growth, projects, and interests globally. Not just the United States and Canada, but Europe, Asia, Brazil and some other Latin American countries.

About 1997, we began to fully realize the global interest, and a passion for consulting, teaching and promoting these Eco Green technologies and principals in more than 180 countires. 

Now, in the early 2000's we began providing funding to certain groups, and in 2006 created a 'holding company' to fund and purchase a few companies and research projects globally.

This is our happiness and passion. We hope you are inspired with our educational materials in some way, ...your family, home, community. 

Best wishes,
The Green Quest family & staff

In the United States:
    Green Quest LLC

  ​  Green Quest Research Institute
    GreenCube Research Institute
In Europe/Globally:
    Green Quest Holdings
    Green Quest LTD
  ​  Green Quest Research Institute
    GreenCube Research Institute

A few of our technical publications

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